Transit Infrastructure Grants: $30.46 Billion

*Counties eligible
Provides funding through FY 2024 at a 100 percent federal share for eligible recipients of urban, rural, senior citizens and individuals with disabilities and intercity bus transit formula grants for operating expenses incurred beginning on January 20, 2020, including payroll, operating and maintenance costs due to lost revenue, and the payment of leave for personnel laid off due to service reductions.

Relief for Airports: 8 Billion

*Counties eligible
Provides funding available through FY 2024 through Airport Improvement Program (AIP) formulas at 100 percent federal share. This includes:Funding for operations, personnel and sanitation to combat the spread of COVID: $6.5 billion for primary and certain cargo airports and $100 million for general aviation and commercial service airports; $800 million for primary airport sponsors to meet rent and other obligations to airport concessionaires; and $608 million to cover the full federal share of these projects, including retroactively for FY 2020.

Amtrak: $1.7 Billion

Provides funding available through FY 2024, including $970.39 million for the Northeast Corridor and $729.61 million for the National Network.