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Santa Barbara County Reopening In Safe Environment - RISE Guide

A Local Supplement to the Governor’s Blueprint to a Safer Economy (formerly Resilience Roadmap)

The Santa Barbara County RISE Guide, or Reopening In Safe Environment, was developed by medical experts and supported by feedback from all sectors of the community to create a science-based framework for residents, businesses and organizations by which to reopen in a phased manner, while prioritizing public health and protecting our most vulnerable populations. Since the release of the RISE Guide in May, the State has issued industry specific guidelines and revised instructions on how counties are able to loosen or tighten restrictions within their community based on its rate of new cases and positivity. These rates determine the tier assignment a County is assigned under the Blueprint for a Safer Economy.


While the Core Framework of the Guide is no longer applicable due to the State’s revised Blueprint for a Safer Economy, the Industry Sector Guidance section is updated with changes implemented by the State and the County’s local Public Health Officer as they occur.


It is critical that all members of our community commit to implementing the phased preventative strategies outlined in State’s blueprint and be prepared to adapt to re-tightening of preventative measures if necessary. A successful reopening will depend on everyone in our community doing their part.

Santa Barbara County Public Health Officer

  • Van Do-Reynoso, Ph.D., Director of Public Health
  • Dr. Henning Ansorg

 Expert Panel

The following are medical and public health experts who authored the RISE Guide:

  • Dr. Melissa Smith (Chair)
  • Dr. J. Trees Ritter, DO, FIDSA
  • Dr. Lynn Fitzgibbons
  • Paige Batson, M.A., R.N.
  • Dr. Kevin Ferguson

Santa Barbara County Board of Supervisors

The following individuals steered the overall RISE Guide effort:

  • Gregg Hart, Chair, Second District
  • Peter Adam, Vice Chair, Fourth District
  • Das Williams, First District
  • Joan Hartmann, Third District
  • Steve Lavagnino, Fifth District

Project Team
The following individuals supported and integrated with the expert panel, engaged stakeholders, developed a communications plan and synthesized inputs into attached guidelines:

  • Mona Miyasato, CEO, County of Santa Barbara
  • Nancy Anderson, Assistant CEO, County of Santa Barbara
  • Terri Maus-Nisich, Assistant CEO, County of Santa Barbara
  • Melissa James, CEO, REACH
  • Andrew Hackleman, VP, REACH

The following stakeholder leaders from business, education, faith, and community sectors convened nearly 350 representatives from local communities, businesses, faith organizations, education institutions and more; generating insights, inputs and ideas critical to how businesses and society can safely operate in the phases of reopening:


Team Lead

Team Chair

City of Guadalupe

Todd Bodem

Mayor Ariston Julian

City of Santa Maria

Jason Stillwell

Mayor Alice Patino

City of Lompoc

Jim Throop

Mayor Jenelle Osborne

City of Buellton

Scott Wolfe

Mayor Holly Sierra

City of Solvang

Xenia Bradford

Mayor Ryan Toussaint

City of Goleta

Michelle Greene

Mayor Paula Perotte

City of Santa Barbara

Paul Casey

Mayor Murillo, Cathy

City of Carpinteria

Dave Durflinger

Mayor Wade Nomura

Isla Vista

Jonathan Abboud

Spencer Brandt

County Special Districts

Charlotte Holifield


General Business

Glenn Morris

Kristen Miller


Kirsten Zimmer Deshler



Tim Mossholder

Father Jon Hedges


Kathy Janega-Dykes

Andrew Firestone


Claire Wineman

Andy Rice

Building & Development

Laurie Tamura

Derek Hansen

Beverage Industry

Alison Laslett



Tom Patton

Sherry Villanueva


Larry Doris

Sachi Thompson


Primit Parikh



Marjie Kirn

Eric & Samantha Onnen


Rich Block

Mark Booher

Hispanic Business

Luis Villegas

Esmerelda Mendoza


Kathy Simas

Michael Baker

Thought Leaders

Brian Goebel (Individual)

Dr. Peter Rupert (Individual)

The following organizations hosted discussions and provided input a feedback:

  • Tri Counties Labor Council
  • Central Coast Labor Council
  • Solvang Chamber of Commerce
  • Buellton Chamber of Commerce
  • Santa Maria Valley Chamber of Commerce
  • Just Communities
  • Pan Asian Network
  • Santa Maria – Lompoc NAACP
  • Lideres Campesinas
  • Santa Barbara/Goleta Chamber of Commerce
  • Lompoc Chamber of Commerce
  • EconAlliance
  • Central Coast Alliance for Sustainable Community (CAUSE)
  • Mixteco Community Organizing Project (MICOP)